Friday, October 2, 2009

september 2009

september was super packed with lots of fun stuff, so in an effort to save time & space, instead of several different posts i'm going to try to recap all the fun in just one. here we go . . .

jax beard "beards & brushes" show - 9/5

my bf sean started the jacksonville beardsmith society back in january 09 and this was by far his largest event for the club to date. i want to thank all of our friends who came out to support sean, new friends we made that night, and everyone who came out to support local art. joy from bogda gallery said it was her biggest opening of the year! click here for all my pics. i'm so proud of sean & look forward to more cool jax beard events coming soon. did someone say movember?

wekiva springs - 9/6

thanks to jess & tara for organizing this sunday funday at wekiva springs in orlando. the water was cold, the canoes were a hoot, and the company was awesome. me, sean, tara, brendan, jess, rachel & clyde - you rock.

cff tailgate kick off to a cure - 9/13

good food, great friends and an even better cause.

savannah - 9/18-20

we took us-17 all the way up, stopped at abandoned houses & gas stations for photo opps, saw the smallest church in america, stayed in an awesome hotel, got to hang out with my girl ktina, met some cool new people (at hangfire), ate yummy food (tubby's & local 11ten), took tons of photos, got in some good shopping (civvies, paris market & shop scad), and lots more. it was the perfect balance of fun & relaxation, and it was just the two of us <3. href="">marisa for putting together the sweetest guide to savannah for us! complete with a scrapbook for our mementos and a fold out map for when we got lost. we're excited to go back this weekend for amy & gil's bachelor/bachelorette party tomorrow!

camp boggy creek - 9/25-27

it was a family fun weekend of arts & crafts, woodshop, dancing, singing, volleyball, soccer, pool time, performances, new friendships and great memories. this was my second time back to camp with maegs, and the first time for tara. thank you both so much for coming with me!

the decemberists - 9/29

me, sean, sean and eric went to see the decemberists at st. aug ampitheatre earlier this week and it. was. awesome. amazing music - shara from my brightest diamond sang with the band and was the standout of the night for me. click here for a clip of her covering heart's crazy on you with the band. ran into a lot of friends, enjoyed an ice cold over-priced beer and got a free ride & ticket upgrade from tucker!

all in all it was a great month spent with friends doing fun stuff and i loved every tiring minute of it. october promises to pack the same with amy & gil's bachelor/bachelorette party this weekend, their wedding next weekend!, friends intown for an art show at AI, birthdays for russel, ashley, mike, tooter & mom, trip to melbourne to see my friends and family, stop in deland to see sean's family, bowling night with old work buddies, art walk, oct jax beard meeting, aiga jax cocktails & creatives, and tons more i'm sure i'm forgetting.

i'll sleep in november.

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