Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sleepy sean says

sometimes sean talks in his sleep and every time it's hilarious. one night he asked me "where's the mood blanket?" another time i got up early for running club & half-asleep he said he couldn't go because "the people are coming to paint the ship on the wall." and if he half wakes up to me laughing at him or writing it down he gets really pissed, but then falls right back to sleep.

well, last night he sat up and said "it's that brown little booty. it's that brown boot boot." i assumed it was about shoes because he just got his new clark's in the mail, but reading it again today . . . hrm. haha.

anyway, this woman sets a machine to record everything her husband says in his sleep & then posts in on her blog in the morning. they were on several news shows and everything.

this is why i will always keep a pen and paper next to our bed. look for more "sleepy sean says" entries to come!

sculpture by ron mueck

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