Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ever have one of those days?

i had plans to meet my friend lisa for lunch today at 1, except when i was ready to leave there was no one around to cover the department. when two of my coworkers finally showed up, i rushed out of the office so fast i forgot to email my friend to say i was leaving and also left my debit card on my desk. another trip up and down our excruciatingly slow elevator, and i was out the front doors before i could realize it was raining and i didn't have an umbrella. i started thinking to myself "i'm not meant to go to lunch today. something bad is going to happen."

 i made it safely across the street and through the hospital halls to the double doors of the cafeteria. then as i rounded the corner my left shoe slipped out from under me, rolling my ankle and causing me to start a really looooong, embarrassing, trying-not-to-fall-on-my-ass shuffle/dance while pulling one of the magnetic cafeteria doors off the wall. wow. i'm sure i must have been a sight to see.

despite the pitfalls, lunch with Lisa was fun and my ankle feels fine. that said, i must now assume that all of these warning signs were pointing toward food poisoning from the taco salad i just inhaled. wish me luck and i'll keep you posted.

but seriously, does this ever happen to you? everything that could go wrong, does go wrong and you start to think . . . is this a sign that i shouldn't be doing what i'm about to be doing?


Tiffany Monks said...

Yes! I remember a few times where I was driving and keep getting cut off, almost side-swiped, constantly tailgated and I can't wait to get off the road before I get in an accident.

CS said...

Been there, done that. Happens to the best of us! To make you feel a teensy bit better, I got in from Boston (much delayed flight due to weather in Jax, and then when we finally were cleared in Boston it started raining and lightening there) at 2:15 a.m. and home at 3 a.m. Got to work (groggily) and realized, like you - no umbrella. It happens to the best of us! I've also been the person who has slipped and fallen so I completely sympathize. With that, cheers to WEDNESDAY!

Sarah Collins said...

@tiffany ugh, i know the feeling. i hate being nervous on the road.

@caron haha. sorry about the crappy weather, but i'm glad you made it home safe. i've been carrying an umbrella for months now, but they never seem to be where you need them. ah well.

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